Tips for when Trying on Wedding Dress the First Time

Tips for when Trying on Wedding Dress the First Time

Trying on wedding dresses is one of the most thrilling experiences of being engaged. However, before you head to the nearest bridal salon with your folder of saved pictures and your besties, we've got some hot tips for you to consider.

Firstly, it is better to start by doing research before your first bridal shop appointment. This way, you will have established a baseline of likes and dislikes, such as your favorite wedding dress neckline, dress silhouettes, sleeve type, fabric, and gown silhouette.

Before you call to make an appointment, you first have to decide where to shop. One way to narrow down which boutique is right for you is by brushing up on the wedding dress designers they carry, which can help you figure out if their vibe matches your wedding dress aesthetic and if the salon carries dresses that fit within your budget. Another hot tip is to try to narrow down your appointments from one to three bridal boutiques. Although it can be tempting to visit every salon in town, it can easily lead to decision fatigue, and you'll find your dream dress pretty quickly.

Once you've created a wedding budget with your partner, it's time to decide how much money you want to allot for your wedding dress. It's important to establish a budget before you go wedding dress shopping for the first time because it will save you effort and potentially help you avoid disappointment in the long run. Remember that your budget includes not only the gown itself but also add-ons and accessories, such as a veil, sash, jewelry, wedding shoes, and undergarments. You'll also need to plan for wedding dress alterations, which range in price depending on the service. Factor in these costs before you give the salesperson your final shopping budget, or ask for their estimate during the appointment if you're not sure how much of your budget to set aside.

In conclusion, with these tips, you're ready to start your wedding dress shopping experience. Remember to have fun, trust your consultant, and keep an open mind. With so many bridal designers out there with thousands of designs, you're sure to find a fantastic gown that suits your personal style, complement your body type and is within your price range.


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