Bridesmaid Dress Measurement Guide

01. BUST

This would be the fullest part of your chest, right around where your nipples are located. Make sure the tape is lined along the structure of the back of your bra, try to avoid any drooping.


This would be the smallest part of your waist, your natural waistline. If you need help finding this, bend slightly to the side and feel for where your body creases. Once you have the tape wrapped around, take a deep breath out to avoid the tape being TOO tight, you want to be able sit down on your event day!

03. HIPS

This area would be the fullest part of your hips. To help find the exact right spot: line the measuring tape along the bottom of your pant zipper.


This would be from the waist to bottom hem of dress. 


Please refer to each style dress size chart for measurements.