All About Engagement Picture

All About Engagement Picture

All About Engagement Pictures: The Why, Which, When, Where & What

Why Have Them?

Engagement pictures are more than just a fun photoshoot. They represent one of the first important milestones in your journey together - and they function as a photographic wedding day “dry run.” Your wedding photographer will have the opportunity to learn more about you both during the shoot, so that he or she can capture your personalities better on the big day. It’s advisable for you both to establish a good rapport with your photographer in advance of your wedding, especially when you’re expecting those last-minute nerves to kick in, and it’s always better to establish expectations up front rather than be disappointed, or worse, angry, when it’s too late. 

You’ll want to use the most flattering poses of you both for your save-the-date invitations and wedding website content, so the photos can serve multiple purposes. Most wedding photographers offer packages that include both engagement and wedding day photos, giving you a better deal than if you bought them separately.

Which photographer?

Choose a photographer that has the style you are looking for whether formal, candid, or even funny. Their editing style is what will set them apart from other photographers you may be considering. It’s important to interview all the photographers on your list, at least with an informal meetup. They’ll be spending the most important day of your life with you, so you need to enjoy spending time with them.

When to Take Engagement Photos

Your save-the-date invitations typically need to go out six to eight months before your wedding to give your guests time to work your wedding into their schedules. That means your engagement photoshoot should be booked about 10 months prior to your wedding, so the photographer can edit them to your satisfaction.  Early Spring and Fall, evening or early morning are generally the best times for flattering, natural light, if the shoot is to take place outdoors. Studio shoots are much easier to control in terms of lighting and weather.

Where To Take Engagement Photos

Where should the photoshoot take place? Perhaps you have a first date location in mind, or there is a nostalgic place that has meaning for you both? Your photographer can help you choose the perfect spot. His or her studio is a good choice, as it can be set up with a flattering and well-lit backdrop.


What to Wear

Now comes the fun part.

What should you wear?   Firstly, as this can be a visual “trial run” before your wedding day, it makes sense to try out your wedding day makeup and hairstyle to see what it will look like in photos. Professional hair and makeup can give you the confidence to help choose your best look in photos. Foundation that looks heavy to you may work better than you think. You also can try a lipstick color or blusher that is different from your normal shade to see how it looks. It’s so useful to be able to tweak your makeup and hair after the engagement photo session but before the big day.

Will you have a spray tan before the actual day?  If so, get one for the engagement photoshoot. We recommend you wear the same color dress as the one you’ll wear on your wedding day. If it’s going to be white, wear white for your photos. This will give you a chance to see how everything pulls together before you make a mistake you’ll always regret. 

Wearing a long, white formal dress on the big day, as most brides do? Pick a different style dress for your engagement photos, so you don’t spoil the wedding day surprise. You may be in that super expensive restaurant where he proposed to you, or perhaps in your photographer’s studio, so here are a few examples of dresses that we like for their fun, chic look. Don’t be afraid to dress things up – after all, this is the beginning of your life together.

Here are a few of our picks from our Bride to Be Collection:

Our Meghan Cutout for a bold and classy look, Olivia Feather dress for a sassy fun look or our Mia Flounce Sleeve dress for flowy and flirty look!

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