How to Find a Bridesmaid Dress for Your Body Type

How to Find a Bridesmaid Dress for Your Body Type

Finding the ideal bridesmaid dress can be a tricky task. Curious about what the different body types are, and which dresses flatter that body type the best? Read on for our suggestions for dresses from The Asher Lane that can make any bridesmaid feel comfortable and beautiful!


The Pear Body Type

Without a doubt one of the most common body types, the pear-shaped body type features beautiful, wider hips, thicker thighs, and a narrower top. Often slim in the arms and bust, those with a pear body type do well in dresses that place the emphasis away from the hips and instead on the top portion of the body. This can be done through dresses with flourishes or embellishments on the shoulders. If you’re looking for a currently trending style that would suit pear-shaped bodies well, a flutter sleeve dress is a perfect choice, as it draws attention chest and shoulders.



The Hourglass Body Type

The most sought-after body type due to its perfect symmetry in its equal hip and bust size, the hourglass body shape features beautiful curves with a defined waistline. Fitted dresses work best with this body type as the additional structure is not necessary since it’s already present in the body shape itself. Because of this, a simplistic dress works best for the hourglass body type, especially one that lengthens the leg line. This can be done with a maxi dresses, especially if they feature a slit to draw attention to the lower half, such as our Kate Velvet One Shoulder Dress.


The Banana Body Type

This body type is also known as the straight-up-and-down body type and is characterized by the waist, hip, and shoulder widths being very similar to each other. Due to this similarity, the dresses that work best for the banana body type are those that accentuate the waistline to give a curvier look. Banana body types also do well in dresses that show off the back, such as our Margot Satin Low Back Dress. Scoop-neck and sweetheart necklines will also help bring curves to the banana body type and are worth looking into.


The Strawberry Body Type

Also known as the inverted triangle, this body type features broader shoulders, which makes finding a dress that doesn’t make those with this body type look bottom-heavy quite tricky. Luckily, dresses that have high waists can help by elongating the leg line, and off-the-shoulder dresses, such as our Cassie Satin Off Shoulder Dress, draw more attention to the midsection to balance the shoulders as well.


The Apple Body Type

When the attention tends to travel to your midsection, it’s likely you sport the apple body type. This type also tends to have long legs, so drawing attention away from the middle and either up (to the shoulders), down (to the legs), or both, will make this body type look stunning. Do both with the Aniston Luxe Satin Halter Dress and its semi-plunge v-neckline and front slit.


Ready to find the right dress for you? The Asher Lane is ready to help. Order a try-on box and make certain you get the right dress and fit for everyone in your bridal party, or use our measurement guide to achieve the perfect sizing. If you have any questions, reach out to us today!

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