The Bride's Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress

The Bride's Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress

While weddings are a time for joy, laughter, and happiness, they also require extensive planning and preparation. Aside from the stress of finding the perfect wedding dress, the bride must also ensure her bridesmaids are well-dressed!

As a bride, you would want your bridesmaids to look chic, elegant, and comfortable at your wedding. To do that, you will have to choose a dress that fits your budget as well as the body types of your girl squad, all while taking into account their style preferences—a daunting task, right?

Below are a few tips for buying the perfect bridesmaid attire from the dress experts at The Asher Lane!


Set a Bridesmaid Dress Budget

Traditionally, bridesmaids pay for their own gowns and accessories; if this is the case, considering each of their lifestyles and preferences is critical. They are excited about your special day and willing to invest time and money in it, so having an open conversation and understanding what they want to wear will be a good idea while being considerate of their budget threshold is ideal. You can always incorporate your own style and make it unique.


Consider Comfort Level of Your Bridesmaids

You wouldn’t want your girls to be uncomfortable during your wedding, right? So make sure you choose a suitable fabric, length, and cut!

The Asher Lane understands that happy and comfortable bridesmaids set the right tone for the event, so we have dresses designed in fabrics that can provide the comfort your girls deserve. For example, our bridesmaid dresses include a built-in bra. So, your bridesmaids won’t have to plan on purchasing a specific bra for your wedding, nor will they have to deal with uncomfortable bra tape or silicon cups that just don’t do the trick!

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Consider Dress Reusability

Most people will have at least one bridesmaid dress sitting forever in their closet, collecting dust. You don’t want that for your bridesmaids; that’s why you should choose dresses that can be tweaked later or worn as is for any other special occasion!

You can find dresses with a perfect blend of elegance and practicality at The Asher Lane.


Pick a Dress to Suit the Weather and Venue

Before deciding on a look, consider the season you’re getting married. Short sleeves or a strapless silhouette are ideal for summer but may not be appropriate for the colder months. Your bridesmaids should look and feel beautiful, as well as be comfortable and relaxed. 

The setting is also essential when determining the attire. Try to compliment the venue theme. For example, choose florals or summery dresses for a beach destination wedding to create the perfect beachy, dreamy vibes. Or, conversely, go with a sleek and timeless dress for an event at a chic hotel or wedding venue. 


Keep in Mind Different Body Types

Choose a color that works well with your bridesmaids’ skin tones and body shapes. If they have very different body types and you're having trouble finding a dress that fits them all, consider picking a color or range of colors that go well with your theme and allowing them to choose their dress silhouette.

If you wish for a specific silhouette, try tweaking the necklines, sleeve lengths, or slit lengths. You could also try the trending mismatched bridesmaid dresses, which are great for making your crew stand out!

Above all, it is always good to start your shopping early. This will give you enough time to try and make alterations if needed. A few designs might take more time, so you don’t want last-minute stress for dresses.


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Elina Brooks on

I’m thankful you reminded us to consider the weather and the venue of the ceremony when we pick out a wedding dress to make sure it is comfortable and appropriate for the season. My sister is getting married this winter, so I’m accompanying her next week for her wedding dress shopping since she wants to get a second opinion. I’ll take note of this while I look for wedding boutiques for us to check out next week when we go out to buy her dress.

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